New article on the Bodi tribe

Earthly mission publishes an article on the Bodi way of life. Through an interview I was able to convey part of what this culture means. In addition, photographs, which I have collected over the years, have been published to illustrate the text.
A great way to help people get to know this Omo Valley tribe a little better

Here you can see the article:

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One of my pictures selected by CNN

8 things you didn’t know you could do with milk” by Thomas Page (October 2, 2015), for CNN is about milk and African uses. From beauty masques and aphrodisiacs, all the way to blood milkshakes, there are some weird and wonderful ways to make milk a bit more interesting.

Here you can see the article:

Milky superfood” is the title by my picture about Bodi Tribe in the selection.

Sin título

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Ethiocolor, Africa´s first ever 360 VR panorama music video

The Ethiocolor band is a fusion of folklore music with a modern twist consisting of musicians and dancers. Founder of Ethiocolor Melaku Belay states ‘our vision is to see how we can bring our musical heritage in a very creative way without losing the sense of identity’. Ethiocolor is a cultural traditional band consisting of Kirar (a kind of lyre), Bass Kirar, Washint  (flute), Kebero (traditional drums) and Massinqo. This band, leading by  the traditional dancer  Melaku Belay, is the cream of the crop of  cultural musicians and dancers of the country. All of them share the common priority to represent the traditional styles in an accurate, lively and new way, as well as to spread their music all over the world.


Ethiocolor. Photo:

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Ethiopia vintage

The first car 1908 – @101Ethiopia

The 1st car in : Emperor Menelik II’s Phaeton, a gift from a businessman, 1908

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Boghossian, the best of ethiopian contemporany painting

title_08Alexander”Skunder”Boghossian (July 22, 1937 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – May 4, 2003 in Washington D.C.) is the best know African artist.

Boghossian was born on July 22, 1937 in Addis Ababa, at the time the capital of the Italian colony Italian East Africa, one and half years after the Second Italo-Abyssinian War

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African photography: Addis Foto Fest 2014


This year, 90 photographers from 38 countries are taking part in the third Addis Foto Fest (AFF), curated by the photographer Aida Muluneh. Once again will be taking place in Addis Ababa from December 1-7, 2014.

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The photographer Neville Hopwood has been again with me in Ethiopia this year. This is one picture of his wonderful work in Omo Valley. These children are Mursi. In Ethiopia, in general, and in Omo Valley, in particular, the colour green is a natural colour for painting the walls and sometimes the houses. The beautiful fabrics that cover children are their suit. They smile, ¿why not?.

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Hamer tribe, my own tribe


Hamer Boy ©FitreGetachew

Hamer tribe is one of the most known tribes of the Omo Valley. They are very nice and hospitable and it is no wonder that tourists and travelers wanting to meet and photograph

They inhabit the territory east of the Omo River in southwestern Mago National Park and have villages in Turmi and Dimeka. They are a semi-nomadic, pastoral people.

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Ezra Wube, past and present with an unique technique


Ezra Wube is an Ethiopian artist with an interesting art technique. He plays with notions of past and present in his stop action animation videos that draw from Ethiopian folklore.

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5 Ethiopian photographers


Ethiopia From the Heart

Ethiopia is a very popular place for photographers worldwide. As a guide, I have accompanied the work of some of them. However, the picture in Ethiopia also has its artists. In this post I approached five great Ethiopian photographers to convey their vision of our country, each one with his own, different, unique and amazing point of view. Andargé Asfaw called the land “a paradise” for photographers and other artists and it´s the hole true.

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Melkam Addis Amet¡ Happy ethiopian new year¡ 2007¡

Enkutatash” is the word for the Ethiopian new year in Amharic, the official language of Ethiopia, as we call it “Ri’se Awde Amet” in Ge’ez, the term preferred by the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church. This occurs on 11 September in the Gregorian calendar, except for leap years, when it occurs on September 12.

In Ethiopian we are in 2007.

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“Buna dabo naw”, our coffee is our bread

2c1adc4c8332fb97be994e3d3eb6d2bfEthiopia is the birthplace of coffee: it is in the forests of the Kaffa region that Coffea Arabica grew wild.

Coffee is “Bun” or “Buna” here.

Ethiopian coffee is one of the most popular coffee origins in the world. If you like to drink coffee, you have to know that our coffee is perhaps the best in the world.

Ethiopians love coffee, and if you can afford it, you drink it several times a day. But coffee is more than just a caffeinated drink to get you through the day.  It is a way to savor the pleasure of good company.

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Bodi tribe, when the big is beautiful


Bodi Dancing ©FitreGetachew

This june Bodi tribe, like every year, celebrates the new year: the Kael. This is really a magical and amazing experience in the South of Omo Valley.

“Becoming a fat man is the dream of every Bodi kid”, says the photographer Eric Lafforgue.

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¿Africa has not history?… Lalibela

It’s a common misconception that Africa has no history beyond its people scrabbling about trying to survive in a harsh environment. But there’s plenty of history in Africa


Lalibela- Biet Giyorgis ©FitreGetachew

Lalibela is a wonder of the world, one which should be more widely known. It is Africa’s Petra. On a much smaller scale of course, but still comparable. The Unesco World Heritage site of Lalibela in Ethiopia is one of the most extraordinary places in the world.

It contains thirteen churches hewn or carved from the native tufa rock in imitation of buildings

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The marvellous trip of Neville Hopwood

Neville Hopwood was with me in Ethiopia in August 2013.

He is a fantastic photographer and he wanted to take pictures of the tribes. He spent 14 days with me in the south (Omo Valley).

You can experience the outcome of his trip is in these fabulous photos. In each one you can see the beauty and the culture of the tribes.

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In Omo Valley with Patrick Bernard

In 2013 Patrick Bernard came to Ethiopia.

Patrick Bernard was with me during 14 days. He visited the tribes Mursi, Hamar, Bume, Dasanech, Erbore and Banna. He is interested to help the tribes with different projects now he is ready to fund for Mursi mobile clinic project

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Addis Ababa, a gateway to Ethiopia

Bus – stop in Addis Ababa ©FitreGetachew

The gateway to Ethiopia for most people is usually it´s capital, Addis Ababa. Queen Taitu gave it´s name, Addis Ababa means “New Flower” in amharic, one of the main languages in Ethiopia.

Many people think to be in Addis Ababa only one day, but the capital of Ethiopia has a  lot of places and interests to visit.

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