In Omo Valley with Patrick Bernard

In 2013 Patrick Bernard came to Ethiopia.

Patrick Bernard was with me during 14 days. He visited the tribes Mursi, Hamar, Bume, Dasanech, Erbore and Banna. He is interested to help the tribes with different projects now he is ready to fund for Mursi mobile clinic project

About Patrick Bernard:

He is ethnologist, founder Editions Anako and ICRA, lecturer, documentary filmmaker, author of books on the peoples of the world

ICRA is an nonpolitical, nondenominational and totaly independent movement of solidarity for indigenous people focused on:

  • The defense of indigenous peoples’ rights:
    • Publishing information (IKEWAN magazine, a newspaper dedicated to native people, website), conducting research, launching petitions campaigns, organizing press conferences.
  • Field programmes:
    • Implementing programmes (food self-sufficiency, educational, sanitarian and medical) in coordination with indigenous communities.
  • The safeguarding of traditional cultures worldwide:
    • Taking measures to know, count, promote and safeguard traditional cultures.




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