The marvellous trip of Neville Hopwood

Neville Hopwood was with me in Ethiopia in August 2013.

He is a fantastic photographer and he wanted to take pictures of the tribes. He spent 14 days with me in the south (Omo Valley).

You can experience the outcome of his trip is in these fabulous photos. In each one you can see the beauty and the culture of the tribes.

In this article, you can read about his experience in Ethiopia and Omo Valley, here.

All the photos: © Neville Hopwood

EU6T4252 965417_10152509804746002_2094233333_o (1) EU6T3478


neville_hopwood_ethiopia_fuji_touit_2013c-2 EU6T1387 _DSF8597 copy


neville_hopwood_ethiopia_fuji_touit_2013m-2 EU6T4962-2 neville_hopwood_ethiopia_fuji_touit_2013a-2 (1)
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