5 Ethiopian photographers


Ethiopia From the Heart

Ethiopia is a very popular place for photographers worldwide. As a guide, I have accompanied the work of some of them. However, the picture in Ethiopia also has its artists. In this post I approached five great Ethiopian photographers to convey their vision of our country, each one with his own, different, unique and amazing point of view. Andargé Asfaw called the land “a paradise” for photographers and other artists and it´s the hole true.

Aïda Mulüneh

This photographer is the founder of Ethiopian Desta for Africa, for the development and education of societies through the arts. DESTA is an NGO founded by Aïda Mulüneh based in Addis Ababa. The idea bornt to address the lack of adequate photographic training in Ethiopia. They believe that through education opportunities and being self-sustaining, Ethiopian photographers can promote a balanced view of their country


The World Is Nine- ©Aida Mulüneh

Mulugueta Ayene

Mulugeta Ayene is an award winning photojournalist and a fine art photographer, he was born in  Ethiopia and lives in Addis Ababa. In 2011 and 2012 he was awarded a first prize in photojournalism by the ‘The Foreign Correspondent Association of Ethiopia’ (FCAE) in the “Excellence of Journalism 2011/2012 competition” and first prize in Indian Africa photo contest 2012. Mulugeta is currently working for the Capital newspaper as a photographic journalist. [Text: Ayene web]

©Mulugeta Ayene

Awol Erizku

Throughout all of his work, the Ethiopia-born, New York-based artist strives to mollify what he perceives as a marked absence of people of color throughout the canon of art history, integrating contemporary fabrics, styles, and symbols with a provocatively allusive sensibility and aesthetic. His exhibition debut in New York City was in the critically acclaimed exhibition, Art•, which placed his work alongside Duane Michals, Roe Ethridge, Richard Prince, and Roy Lichtenstein at The FLAG Art Foundation in 2011. [Text: Hasted Kraeutler]

Girl with a Bamboo Earring, 2009 ©Awol Erizku

Michael Tsegaye

Born in 1975, Michael Tsegaye lives and works in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. He received his diploma in painting from Addis Ababa University’s School of Fine Arts and Design in 2002, but soon gave up painting after he developed an allergy to oil paint. He subsequently found his real passion in photography and has made of it not only a profession, but a way of expressing a very particular voice. [Text: Tsegaye web]

©Michael Tsegaye

“Ethiopia is viewed in many medias as a poor country, with hungry people. I don’t want to show that. It’s not only that we have poverty; there is life, there is everything here like any other country. I know that maybe it sells if I do poverty, but that shouldn’t make it the focus. At least that’s not my focus.”- Michael Tsegaye. “Africa is a country

Andargé Asfaw

Andargé Asfaw award-winning photographer, educator, and author was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. His powerful portraits and luminous landscapes have been exhibited in several national and international exhibitions, and are held in private collections worldwide. Andargé Asfaw called the land “a paradise” for photographers and other artists. Andargé has released a book, Ethiopia from the Heart, and started a nonprofit, Canopy Ethiopia, to promote trees in Ethiopia. His work is also featured in an exhibit in Richmond this month.


Running through the fields ©Andarge Asfaw

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