Hamer tribe, my own tribe


Hamer Boy ©FitreGetachew

Hamer tribe is one of the most known tribes of the Omo Valley. They are very nice and hospitable and it is no wonder that tourists and travelers wanting to meet and photograph

They inhabit the territory east of the Omo River in southwestern Mago National Park and have villages in Turmi and Dimeka. They are a semi-nomadic, pastoral people.


Hamer ©FitreGetachew

Both men and women are characterized by their elaborate hairstyles, and body decoration marks, paint your body in many colors and wearing lots of beads. Male hairstyles include clay caps and bird feathers. Female hairstyles have a great consistency that get muddy and reddish ocher and animal fat. The men decorate their bodies with scarification, while women show markings caused in part during their rites of maturity.


Hamer ©FitreGetachew


Hamer ©FitreGetachew

Living from agriculture and livestock basically. They grow sorghum, millet, vegetables and some snuff and cotton; and raise sheep and goats. Its main markets are in Turmi and Dimeka, where many other tribes in the vicinity, such as Karo and Dassanech gather. Within its bull’s blood supply is included. They are polygamous.


Hamer ©FitreGetachew


Hamer ©FitreGetachew

Ukuli Buia (Bull jampinp)

This ceremony lasts three days, the last being the most important; in which naked youths must jump over a long line of thirty cows, jumping on the first and running over other animals; when the end should turn around and make the path to the contrary. If the initiate falls are considered a symbol of luck. Meanwhile marriageable girls endure whipping the rest of young hamer to prove their courage and physical strength, thus being worthy of love young hamer. So have a few more scars hamer woman because of this rite will be more respected.


Bull jumping ©FitreGetachew


Bull jumping ©FitreGetachew

All the photos: ©FitreGetachew

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