With one of my brothers

My full name is Fitretu Getachew but everybody calls me Fitre.
I was born in Ethiopia, in the village of Dimeka. I am a Hammer (one of the tribes from Omo Valley´s tribe, in the south of Ethiopia) and I spent my childhood in different parts of the Omo Valley. My parents had 5 more sons. I am the eldest.
I have studied major History and minor Geography in Awassa University and I speak amharic and tribal languages. Besides this, I have been teacher in rural areas for several years. I love teaching to the children.
I am a young boy who is real,optimistic,honest and friendly who  give a good service for clients for long time. I had been a local guide and project coordinator for NGO`s that involved in different humanatarian projects in the region of Omo Valley for over years. Beside this I did a professional and personal travel experience to ensure our guests are satisfied during their entire stay.  I specialize in providing guiding service and itineraries to all of our guests, working with each of my clients to tailor trips to match specific interests.  I am truly dedicated to providing quality service and expert knowledge to  clients, from the initial point of contact through the end of their stay and often long after they have returned to their home country.  I take great pride and responsibility in ensuring a memorable experience in my amazing country.  The smiling faces and gracious appreciations from guests are assurance of our success.

Working as a tourist guide is my way of getting to known my own country, as well as a way of getting to know people from other countries and other cultures. For this reason I enjoy being a guide, because I meet very diverse people, from many countries, each one with their own language, their customs and their own and unique way of being.

Ethiopia is an amazing country: we have an ancient history, a very rich and fabulous nature and most importantly, corageous and generous people.

I cannot imagine me living anywhere else.

If you wish to contact me, these are my details: fitretu@yahoo.com



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