What I do

Have a look below for a summary of the vast services I provide.  I do our best to entertain any special requests, so if you require any other services not listed below, please contact me.


I am  proud to offer a variety of services to our clients.  Here are just a few of the details I can arrange for your trip to Ethiopia:

  • Hotel reservations.
  • Tribal Adventure Tour guide towards Omo Valley tribes
  • Professional guide service
  • Addis Ababa city tours
  • Short excursions from Addis Ababa
  • Traditional dinner and dancing
  • Other special requests within our capacity – just ask!


There are so many different activities available in Ethiopia.  Let us know your interests.

  • Sight-seeing
  • Bird-watching
  • Trekking
  • Horseback riding
  • Swimming
  • Rafting and/or boating
  • Tribal Tour
  • Fishing
  • Wild Animal Tour
  • I am guide for showing all parts of Ethiopia. You can tell me about your interests and I will find a solution for you. I can organize a trip only for you, with your likes. The trip to Ethiopia that you have always dreamed.
  • I organize all individually. No prearranged groups or fixed departure dates. I organize trips according dates, locations, interests, motivation, and skills and I can prepare trips for one person or more.
  • I do not like to label, but you can find in Ethiopia (among a lot of other things):
    • Historical trip: the North with Lalibela, Gondar and Axum
    • Nature trip: Bahir Dar and it´s source of the Blue Nile, Simiens mountains or the incredible Danakil in the North West.
    • Cultural trip: visiting the tribes of Omo Valley: Hammer, Kara, Danasech, Mursi…
    • Trekking trip: Omo valley trekking is coming soon! In the high lands of Galila and Ari tribal villages a new trekking will start with in a few months. The elevation above 3400m sea level and the mountainous land scapes will make the trek more interesting. It is estimated that this part of Omo Valley will become one of the best destination in Ethiopian tourism for trekkers. For long period of time this area is not discovered by any travelers and travel companies. Mostly this area is dominated by Galila (gayil) tribes who are short height and strong muscled people are inhabitants of the area. Be the part of the first trekking in August!
    • Volunteer trip: Actually I work with Nuria who from Spain she decides, “After a trip to Ethiopia I decided, with the help and support from colleagues and friends to open a Voluntourism agency with the firm conviction that a trip can not only benift the traveler but also the people at the destination”. If you are interested, you can put in touch with here or look at her website, here 
  • I will  organize accommodation and itinerary for you. I have a large experience with different type of customs, so I can find a hotel or a local accomodation if you want to feel Ethiopia into one local family.
  • I can provide something different service for backpackers because many people asked a place to store their bags when they live Addis for short trips.




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